Please enquire about making a reservation to avoid disappointment


Last day for collection before Christmas will be Thursday 23rd of December (all offices). Minimum rental on any vehicle will be 7 days. First available day to return the vehicle will be Thursday 30th of December (all offices). We are closed on 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 31st of December 2021 and 1st, 2nd and 3rd of January 2022. All rentals (including vans) will require a £100 reservation deposits. Like every year, we do some very special low cost deals on van rentals.

Christmas & New Years Opening Times

Jafvans Car and Van Rentals Christmas 2017 Opening Hours

Best Deals on Van Rentals in London!

Each year, Jafvans can offer you end of the year bargains on van rentals that you won’t find anywhere in West London. Our van rental deals at Christmas and New Year are second to none – they are made for those who either need a van for a specific job planned for the festive period or those who simply need a vehicle that will take them from place to place as it’s easier and cheaper! Most cars and people carriers are in high demand and get booked up well in advance. That is why renting a van is a great value – most of them with 3 seats (including the driver), comfortable to drive and fairly economical.

So if you’re in need of cheap set of wheels for this Holiday Season, don’t delay – give us a call to make that booking!

Our Top Notch Services in Your Area

Proud to know that our services are well known in all areas of Hillingdon, Harrow, West London and beyond!


  1. Car Rentals at the weekend – minimum 2 days; weekend starts at 5pm on Friday and ends 8am Monday, price of two day rental
  2. Van Rentals at the weekend – weekend starts at 5pm on Friday and ends 8am Monday, price of two day rental
  3. Sunday van rentals – collection time Saturday 5pm and return Monday morning 8am (8.30 in Pinner), price of one day rental!

Whether is short term, long term or an occasional weekend away, just give us a call or drop us an email and we will try to give you the best possible deal on your rental.

Don’t forget that you can enjoy discounted rates on any long term rentals (4 weeks or more).


While driving In United Kingdom you MUST comply with with driving and traffic regulations to avoid traffic-related offences. Fail to do so might result the issue of penalty charge notice (PCN) from corresponding authorities. You might not be receiving the PCN directly in most of the cases (see below), please make sure you always comply with the regulation and pay attention to the signs. If you had received PCN directly please ensure you settle the outstanding fines within the deadline. For PCN that issued directly to us, YOU ARE LIABLE TO PAY THE OUTSTANDING FINES PLUS ADMINISTRATIVE FEE FOR EACH ISSUED PCN. Most frequent offences includes but not limited to,

  1. Driving through Toll road/zone with out paying (e.g. London Congestion Zone (incl. ULEZ if vehicle not compliant), Dartford Crossing, etc), PCN will be issued to us directly please check the toll road in UK to ensure you have pay the right fee. Please be attentive towards the signs.
  2. Speeding, PCN will be issued to us directly, please check the SPEED LIMIT in UK to ensure you are complied with the speed limited and be attentive towards the signs.
  3. Parking, you might receive a PCN directly, in some cases PCN will be issued to us directly. Please be attentive towards the signs.
  4. Driving on restricted road (e.g. Bus lanes, Restricted Vehicle type, etc), PCN will be issued to us directly. Please be attentive towards the signs.


If you are involved in an accident with 3rd party during your hire, please ensure you carry out the following:

  1. Call ACCIDENT HELPLINE TEL. 0333 207 9654 to report the accident immediately
  2. Take down 3rd party contact details (including telephone number) and vehicle registration number.
  3. Take photographic evidence of the incident including damages on 3rd party vehicle.
  4. DO NOT accept liability (fault)
  5. Complete accident report form form within 24 hours and email to [email protected]. Note the time, date and location of the incident.
  6. If needed, especially if someone is injured, report incident to the police by dialling 101 and take a police reference

Why Choose Jafvans

  • Established business since 1959

  • Competitive Prices on short or long term rentals

  • Great choice of vehicles

  • Superb customer service

  • Peace of Mind – breakdown and insurance included