From the moment rental vehicle has been signed over to a customer/hirer, each & every customer/hirer is fully responsible for any additional charges whilst the vehicle is on hire to them. Most common charges are various penalties like parking fines, congestion charges, bus lane fines etc.

For all various penalty charges that we receive and have to deal with, Jafvans will charge a non-refundable admin fee of £20.

Most PCN’s (Penalty charge notices) can be redirected to the customer – after receiving a PCN, we send the copy of rental agreement to appropriate organisation who then finalise the outcome with the customer direct. However, some contraventions and fines cannot be done that way. Bus lane fines and congestion charges must be paid by the owner (which is, obviously, us). The appropriate amount must then be charged to the customer’s Credit or Debit card + the regular admin fee of £20.