From what insurance you’ll need to, whether or not you can take your hire car abroad, we provide the answer to the top questions that we get asked by customers in this quick blog article. And, with over 60 years in the industry, our team have all the answers that you need when it comes to car hire. In this article, you’ll find all the answers you need to common car hire questions that we get asked.

What insurance do I need to hire a car?

At Jafvans all of our hire prices and quotations include fully comprehensive insurance to help ensure that you are covered should you have a bump or a knock. As with other car hire companies, the hirer is responsible for a set liability or policy excess, which will be included on your quote. All hirers have the option to choose our damage liability reduction to help reduce the amount of liability in the case of damage being caused to the hire vehicle.

Can I take the hire car abroad?

Absolutely. Just let us know what countries you intend on visiting as we’ll need to make sure that we’re able to get insurance cover for these destinations. All continental rentals will need to be booked directly through one of our branches as we will need to get a quote for the additional insurance. In addition to insurance, the hirer will need to arrange for their own Five Star breakdown cover, full details will be provided when you discuss this with us in a branch.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

For UK hirers we’ll need your full UK license as well as the online check code that you can obtain from the UK Government website here (link to You’ll also need to bring proof of current address in the UK, e.g. bank statement, utility bill or similar showing the driver’s name and address.
For the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand hirers, we just need your driving license along with proof of address you’re staying in the UK, a valid passport and valid credit card. Other renters should get in touch with one of our branches prior to rental.

Can I hire a car if I have points on my license?

Many types of endorsements are acceptable when it comes to hiring including SP30 endorsements for speeding. For hirers with 6 points or more on their license, we’d recommend making us aware prior to rental as this may affect your rental. Generally speaking, we’re able to provide hire for the majority of hirers with 6 points or less.

What should I do if the car I hire breaks down?

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your car, then we have a 24-hour emergency telephone service. All breakdowns are covered as part of your hire price, with the only exception being if the break down is caused by driver error e.g. misfuelling of the car.

How is the number of days calculated?

All of our car hire days are calculated using a period of 24 hours between our opening hours Monday to Saturday 8am – 5pm. As we are not open Sunday all vehicle rentals ending on Saturday need to be returned before 5pm. Sunday rentals start on Saturday at 5pm and end Monday at 8am – you still pay for one day rental only! We are normally happy to extend the rental if we can, but the hirer needs to give us a call prior to any extension to check that this is okay.

Can I hire a car seat on arrival?

At Jafvans we have a good range of car seats available to hire in each of our branches but to guarantee availability we would always recommend that you book these in advance. To check availability please get in touch with your chosen branch prior to booking your rental.