Small Car Rentals – Available to rent near you!

Small cars are an easy option to consider when you live in London as they are economical, easy to park and cheaper to rent. All of our small cars can be rented on day to day basis, weekly or longer term.

At Jafvans, all small cars that are available to rent, offer exceptional value which makes small cars most affordable to hire. Most of the time, we get people contacting us when they urgently need a rental car as their one is gone for service or repair. When we ask what size, the most common response is small and cheap! Well, amongst many other cars for rent, we do have a range of small and economy cars to hire. Starting with a super economical Fiat Panda that has been very popular over the years, Toyota Aygo that is stylish and has all the dashboard connections one would want, Peugeot 208 and Ford Fiesta that have always been the most desirable for their style and versatility and Nissan Micra, which is our smallest automatic, that has Japanese reliability written all over it!

Small car rental is often the best value for money when you want to rent a car in West London – it is cheap to run and very easy to manoeuvre around as well as park on the street or car parks. All of our small cars for rent are hatchbacks, have 5 doors and will seat five (except Fiat Panda that will seat only 4).

Toyota Aygo

Manual | 4 doors

from £32 per day

Toyota Yaris

Manual | 4 doors

from £36 per day

Vauxhall Corsa

Manual | 4 doors

from £38 per day

Toyota Yaris

Automatic | 4 doors

from £38 per day

Those Are Just Small Cars – There Are Plenty More to choose from!

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